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Lately, religiosity is being an important issue in daily life. Many things happen in the name of religions.

In my case, yes, I have a faith that I hold dearly. Yet, I could not say that I can not share few things that I do not like in the religion. Yes, I divide those into two different things. Most of the time, religion is the organization(s) which have responsibilities to ensure the faith keep going on track. That the followers would behave as expected. Sometimes, unfortunately, the organizations talk about marketing ideas too!

Many violences in the name of religion happen in the world. Many claim what they have done in the name of the Almighty. Many believe that they did the right things, no matter how many people suffer due to their acts. That what they did might cause negative images instead of positive as expected.

Humans' ideas: Division and subtraction (Frank & Ernest - April 07th, 2000)



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During hard times, people always say “move forward” no matter on what kind of situation. Many other “formal” quotations will be said. Even for the people in the hard times themselves, they would look for those quotations too. Indeed, these are important to boosting back the courage and spirits to live.

Sometimes, sharing does matter too. To understand that others have problems –either bigger or smaller– is important. Not in the meaning that we hope that there are people with bigger problems to feel lucky. It is simply to know that all of us, no matter what, have different issues.

However, how if nothing works? That no quotations help, no sharing sessions can cure.


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ONE as a destiny

Do you realize that INDONESIA consists of ONE?

It seems that to be ONE is our destiny, it has been declared since this beloved country was born.
It does not mean that everything needs to be the same.
It does not mean that there should be only one race.
Neither do one religion or faith.
It does not mean that there should be only one of anything.

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Thing that I love with my profession is to have a chance to ‘see’ things differently. Not only in the meaning of location so that I could travel and get paid. Moreover, to know (and try to understand) other ways of thinking and ways of life including the communities. At the end, these help us appreciate our lives more.

Last month, I have got a chance to travel to a district that is nearby the Indonesian Capital City. Yet, the situation is not that close to. I have heard heartbreaking stories. Since then, I have decided to share the gloomiest one here. So here it goes.

A middle-aged-mother shared that on schooling days, her cheerful-and-diligent-daughter woke up every morning, took a bath, prepared for all sort of things to go to school. She wore her shirts (might not really hers). Prepared for the books and bags (I assume these belong to her siblings too). Afterwards, she went to the place where children of her age go to. Yes, the school.

Then, when the bell rang, all of the children went inside. The teachers got in and started the class. As it is a school for young-aged-children, then students would not study quietly. Lots of fun activities. Playing and singing. Jumping and dancing. So did these children.

Unless, one child. The one whom I met.


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It has been twelve years. Yesterday, I wrote and have published – [hurts, yet ought not to be forgotten] what I saw and experience on that day. I described what were happened on that day, according to me. It is based on my own experiences. Last year, I also have expressed what I think about the same day. The post is in Bahasa that is titled [amnesia kolektif] – collective amnesia. I argue how people and the nation, seem to get used to forget the past. No matter how barbaric, there is a tendency amongst people to ‘let we forget’.

After these years, there is still no further explanation on what really happened according to the government. There was a Joint Fact Finding Team – Tim Gabungan Pencari Fakta. This team tried to get the facts and they even have made recommendations. The report can be attained at Semanggi Peduli. They did it greatly, though they were only given  a three-months working period. They have put the numbers of victims, yet I believe that the iceberg phenomenon does apply. They said that the first-hand-victims were lots of Chinese Indonesians, though were not the only. Lots of loss. Kidnapped people. They have recommended that the government needs to continue the investigation to get details including the real intention and who were responsible. Unfortunately, I have no idea how the government reacts to this report.

I understand that to reveal any barbaric events would be hard as look for a tiny needle in a haystack. I understand that the barbaric events couldn’t be helped as it was – might – highly related with the most current politics situation. The chaotic situation. I understand that it would be harder for the victims to re-open their old wounds. I also understand that there is a myth – including amongst Chinese Indonesians – that people should go forward and forget the past. That no matter how hurts they were, they should move forward, continue their lives.  Indeed, related with the commonly spoken quote: ‘the show must goes on’.  I even could understand, though it would be hard, if the key sources have been died for sometimes. Well, in twelve years, things might have happened.

To reveal the facts, will never be an easy job.Never ever will be. Especially if the facts are in the past. We might see how hard and how long that be needed by historians. So, I couldn’t agree with what I read last two days. There was a Minister who said that ‘it is a bit difficult’ as the reason to ‘no longer look for May riots culprits’.


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It has been twelve years ago, yet the pictures are still clear on my mind. If there is a high-tech projector which could directly projects those pictures from my brain, I believe it would be shown such a documentary film. I remember how my headmaster with no detail explanations directed us to go home early. It created quite a chaos. As she said that would be better to go home together with friends. Go home as soon as possible, as safe as possible. Ah ya, important to be noted, I went to a all-female-school and mobile phones were so luxurious.

At that time, I was used the shared-transportation with friends. Was confused, should I wait or go with ‘available’ transportations?! I chose the available transportation, friends who had been picked-up. I chose the one that would drop a friend in Pondok Indah, the nearest location to my house – compared to other choices. I forgot what really happened on our way, I remember how we got so terrified though we couldn’t understand what are happening. We thought that it was related with the killed university students two days earlier and the demonstration at the legislative area. That it was related with the politics. But we couldn’t really understand why.

I sensed that my identity as a Chinese-Indonesian woman might put me on risk. Since I was a girl, I have been realized that there are differences to be ‘coincidentally’ born as a Chinese in Indonesia. Was too naïve to understood the history and the politics. Yet, I hate whenever some people called me ‘amoy’ [which after sometimes I understand that it is a way to call a Chinese girl] or ‘Cina’ [Indonesian translation of China or Chinese people with highly consists of prejudice]. Couldn’t understood yet I never asked. Well, my friends, who actually come from different ethnics, never had problems related with my ethnic. It might because of the well-education parents [well-educated people do not associate with high education level], together with how naïve children are. Do not care about politics of power.

It hurts to remember, yet it ought not be forgotten

Back to May the 14th.

So I went off at Pondok Indah, it is around 20 minutes – without traffic way – to my home. Together with a Moslem friend, we headed to her aunt’s house. Yet as the house is only nearby Pondok Indah, we walked through a small street behind the residential complex. We could reach the house through the big street yet we’d suggested to not to. ABut we didn’t have other choices when the small street is ended, we should walk passed the big streets. I remember that we heard the scream and like-riots-related-sound. We went back to another way to hide. (more…)

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Pendidikan jelas merupakan hal yang sangat penting. Tidak hanya bagi individu yang bersangkutan namun juga mereka di sekitarnya ataupun tingkatan yang lebih luas lagi. Selain itu, bila pendidikan tidak penting, mengapa topik pendidikan gratis dan merata terus menerus menjadi janji-janji politis di setiap PEMILU? Pendidikan selalu menjadi agenda politik di berbaga negara.

Bagi saya pendidikan tidak sekedar urusan sertifikat. Setuju, selembar kertas panjang itu memang mampu berbuat banyak. Misalnya memperoleh pekerjaan yang lebih baik walaupun tidak selalu berarti selalu lebih tinggi gajinya; dan kenaikan pangkat. Sertifikat itu membuka kesempatan, yang seharusnya, lebih luas lagi. Namun sudah tentu, tidak hanya itu.

Hal yang paling penting dari pendidikan adalah pembentukan pola pikir. Sarana untuk membuka cakrawala, bahwa dunia itu tidak sekedar keluarga ataupun tetangga di RT ataupun RW. Bahwa selalu ada kelompok lain, asing dan mungkin baru diketahui keberadaannya. Bahwa kelompok-kelompok yang asing itu memiliki pola pemikiran dan ide-ide yang mungkin tidak hanya berbeda namun bertolak-belakang. Atau malahan mereka yang berbeda tadi memiliki  kesamaan visi-misi dan apapun itu namanya. Bahwa definisi kelompok, sama atau berbeda itu memiliki berbagai aspek, tidak melulu perbedaan fisik atau label-label yang tertera secara eksplisit atau implisit di KTP. Demikianlah pendidikan dapat diperoleh dari berbagai tempat, tidak melulu institusi pendidikan. Institusi perusahaan atau berbagai organisasi atau bahkan ‘sekedar’ pembicaraan antar teman.

Pendidikan yang baik, seharusnya menjadi jembatan yang baik antara perbedaan yang ada. Betul, jembatan. Pernahkah melihat jembatan yang hanya berada di satu sisi? Aspek fungsional dari sebuah jembatan adalah menyambungkan sisi yang berbeda. Penghubung dari dua sisi yang berbeda, berseberangan ataupun terhalang oleh hal-hal yang dapat membahayakan [laut misalnya].  Demikianlah saya memahami perbedaan. Segala jenis perbedaan itu memang tidak akan pernah dapat disatukan atau dihilangkan. Hal yang mungkin dilakukan adalah menjembatani.

Wujudnya? Salah satunya adalah pembentukkan forum untuk diskusi dalam konteks untuk memahami konsep dari sisi 1, 2, 3 dan seterusnya. Forum yang tujuannya bukan untuk melakukan doktrinisasi bahwa sisi lainnya itu salah besar. Bukan pula untuk memaksakan kehendak, bahwa hanya pemahaman yang itulah sebagai satu-satunya yang benar. Bahwa mungkin, ada kebenaran dari pemahaman lainnya, hanya melihat dari pola pandang yang berbeda. Atau andaikatapun ada yang salah pemahaman, berarti forum-forum inilah yang memberikan pemahaman yang lebih pas. Lagi-lagi, bukan melalui pemaksaan.

Pemaksaan hanya akan berakhir pada ketidaknyamanan dan/atau pembodohan.

Sarana lainnya adalah melalui komunikasi lintas media. Media-media cetak dan elektronik mampu memberikan fasilitas yang tidak mampu digapai oleh forum diskusi tadi. Keberadaan forum mengharuskan para peserta untuk turut serta secara nyata. Kehadiran secara fisik jelas sangat terkait dengan ketersediaan waktu, transportasi dan dana. Media massa mampu menggapai berbagai pihak, praktis tak terbatas. Apalagi setelah ada internet! Forum pun dapat dibentuk secara maya, berbagai komunitas pun muncul. Apabila forum pun berhasil diciptakan melalui dunia maya, apalagi karya tulis? Berbagai jenis versi online dari media cetak dapat kita akses melalui internet. Bukanlah hal yang sulit untuk memperoleh informasi apa yang terjadi di belahan benua lainnya. Berbagai jenis informasi, pendapat dan kisah dapat diperoleh dalam waktu singkat dan biaya relatif murah.

Masyarakat di berbagai negara mulai sibuk mempersiapkan diri dengan piranti membaca secara praktis seperti e-book dan kindle. Indonesia? Wah, kita malahan masih diragukan kemampuannya untuk membedakan apa yang layak dan tidak layak dibaca.

Selected information - Frank & Ernest by Thaves

Mungkin ini terkait dengan kebiasaan untuk menggunakan seragam. Kebiasaan untuk melihat bahwa pertentangan dan perbedaan merupakan hal yang perlu dibentuk ulang, secara paksa bila perlu, agar menjadi sama atau paling tidak serupa. Sungguh heran, karena Indonesia menganut paham demokrasi. Bukankah seharusnya yang disebut dengan demokrasi itu berarti menjunjung kebebasan berpendapat? Bukankah itu artinya memberikan ruang aspirasi? Aneh memang, ternyata ada pemahaman lain dari istilah demokrasi.

Parahnya lagi, kebebasan berpendapat itu sendiri yang beberapa kali terancam secara sengaja ataupun tidak. Penangkapan dan penculikan mereka yang bersuara sumbang terjadi disana sini. Kesemena-menaan terjadi terhadap mereka yang menyatakan pendapat.

Tidak hanya itu, bahkan mereka yang berusaha menyatakan kebenaran ataupun sekedar memperjuangkan haknya, malah menjadi ‘sasaran tembak’.

Bahwa mereka tak lebih dari sekedar nada yang mengganggu keharmonisan sebuah orkestra.


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