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So this is Christmas

Another Christmas season is happening in this world. Snowmen, reindeer and sinterklaas are “coming” to the world. The decoration in the shopping centers  are  in red and green with joyful songs. Following the discount and sales, try to accommodate people  who celebrate Christmas on buying gifts. Well, the last one is also accommodating those who does not celebrate Christmas too on rejuvenating their cupboards. For me, this season never fails on boosting my mood. I can truly feel the joy. I can really feel the good tidings. I consider this as one of the most wonderful days I know, indeed, just like the song.

And what have you done? Another year over, a new one just begun

Be merry happily

Be merry happily

New year is the following. We have just passed the last working day of 2012. New year always be an interesting moment for met, at least. I can feel its joyousness and enthusiasm. Yet, I also get anxious on what would I be in the new year. Many statements on the 2013 resolution on social media websites and applications. Indeed, somehow, we start to think and consider what would be our goals in the new year. This kind of thought always lead me on a thrilling moment. The heart is pounding, full of excitement. Aiming high  realistically. At the same time, while we are thinking about the future, naturally we think back to the past too. This kind of thought has diverse emotions. We can feel relax, happy and even proud for what we have accomplished. We can feel disappointed for what we failed for, regret for what we could have done or for what we did. (more…)


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(while dragging the television box into the security check and lift) “There are taxies in the lobby”

(smiling) “But this lift can go directly to the basement too right?”

“ooh yes, the parking lot for motorcylces is at the basement second floor”

(smiling again)

Those conversation happened when my boyfriend and me bought a television. Obviously the salesman thought that we were a young couple (although we are not that young) who use public transportation. Or even if we went there with personal transportation, it would be a motorcycle. In other words, he did not (or does not?) classify us as “worth” enough to use any private car. Well, he did not wrong totally as we used the car from the company. We did not feel bothered too as the salesman did not say those words with negative expression as all of us might see on how the saleswomen/men in the sort-of-exclusive stores do. Well, we experience this sort of behaviour several times so it would not be that surprising anymore. We even observe this.

Afterwards, we laughed and smiled. We even still laugh on that event whenever we remember. It is understandable why he said that way. We wore polo shirts, jeans and sandals. We spent around half an hour only to think which kind of television that we will buy, of course, with making  comparison on prices and benefits. It might be too long for him. As the televisions that we were compared are not the luxurious ones (not those with eight digits Rupiahs). The standard ones! He might think that, “Gosh, they think that long only to buy this one standard television“. Social expectations.

A friend said to me, that whenever she go to department stores with her friends, they always play a little game. “The perfume sample” The game is very simple, whoever be offered of a piece of paper contains sprayed fragrance means that she is the one who wear clothes “properly”. That she is the targeted consumer.


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During hard times, people always say “move forward” no matter on what kind of situation. Many other “formal” quotations will be said. Even for the people in the hard times themselves, they would look for those quotations too. Indeed, these are important to boosting back the courage and spirits to live.

Sometimes, sharing does matter too. To understand that others have problems –either bigger or smaller– is important. Not in the meaning that we hope that there are people with bigger problems to feel lucky. It is simply to know that all of us, no matter what, have different issues.

However, how if nothing works? That no quotations help, no sharing sessions can cure.


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Is that so great to thirst of being the winner? Is it that great to always put others as your competitors?
Seriously, have you ever get tired?

Call me a looser, but yes, I do think that to always compete with others would be too tired and boredom for me. It would make my life so full of rage and hatred. And even now, while I was writing this post, only to imagine that situation, I feel tired.

Yeah, lectured me anything. Trust me, I would only consider it as a wishy-washy-comment.

I do understand the importance of competition attitude. I could write a bunch of benefits to have that attitude. I do agree that competition attitude might motivate us to pull out the best of us. That we would keep on learning, not only to improve what we have got but also to gain new knowledge and skills.

Meanwhile, according to me, the best way to live is to live life to the fullest. Hurray to hedonism! *evilish grin*


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The cartoon by Michael Leunig illustrates very well about how we, humans, have tendency to focus on financial well-being. We ask it many times through many ways. We pray to ask for more money. We protest to the government to do their obligations to guarantee our welfares. We teach our descendants about how to earn much money. We nurture things for money [e.g: fishes and plants]. Many authors proclaim that they know the rules to get more money within ‘short time’. Some illegal opportunists use this as their base to lie to others through their non-existed business. Well, none of those actions is wrong, except the last one. Before we start, please note that I am also being the part of that group, I did, am doing and will do, especially the part of being a demonstrant of particular system.

Let’s talk about it a little bit further.


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Have you ever feel this kind of feeling?

You have a lot of things to talk about.
You have great things to share.
You also have the media to express your ideas.
And dont get any worries because you have friends whom give you their ears…

You just don’t know what to say.
You just don’t have any idea how to express your idea.
Which thing you want to share.
And how…


Am I too stupid so I can’t find the right words?
Am I an uncreative creature so I don’t know how to express those things?
Or I just too tired to see, feel and talk about anything?
Because I can’t do something directly…
I can’t change the world, can I?

But, yes…
I am tired.
I see unfair things.
I feel uncomfortable behavior from others.
I am not agree with this and that.
But can’t do something in real…
Should I improve my apathetic skill?
All I can do is to change myself

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We are humans.
Only humans.
We can’t predict what will happen.
We can’t stop anything that we want to stop.

All we can do only live the life.
Do our best.
In every aspects.

No idea what is going on with this world.
But a lot of wars and “wars”.
A lot of natural disaster…
A lot of people died.

People have their own purpose.
And even they have the same purpose, they may say it in a different way.
We can see those Prevaricators get superiorities.
While the Truth goes to the corner and bites the nails.

People communicate with high-tech media,
and we forget how to socialize with others in reality.
People built and invented a lot of great things,
and we forget how nice to lay down in the park and enjoy the nature.

Somehow.. We can’t forget who we are.
Yes, sometimes we forget it, even only in a glance.
But then… We’ll get the “notification”.
“Hey guys, remember who you are…”

The notification could be from our families,
from our boy/girl friends, friends, colleagues.
It can be from those respected people,
or even the unknown people.

The notification can be varies also.
Just a lil’ message, angers, disapointed and any other feeling.
Or it can be a war and other disaster.
Yes… it’s a reminder.

A famous Indonesian song writer and singer (Ebiet G. Ade) say…
Those are not punishments, but only a little hint.
That we should go to the mirror, see our reflections.
What we see what we should do and what we need to improve…

Go back to the Creator.
Cause we can’t hide anywhere.
Unless bowed down on our knees…


*Yogyakarta in black. Indonesia in grief*

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