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On the day of my graduation, one of the speaker had speech that it is extremely important to have community. It means to join good professional association(s). I remember it very well, although until now I still haven’t found the right association yet. There are a few associations on social research or development or similar to those. However, they were overseas. Many interesting associations are even not only based on interest but also restricted in specified geographic areas.

I would not be mind to join one or two of those. But, I am currently seeking for more “local” ones. Either in the regional or the country. It is because I would like to extend my network! To learn from others’ experiences, to hear and share, to associate one another. I still highly value the real discussion although I am grateful with the online ones. I like to put a face on a name! (more…)


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(while dragging the television box into the security check and lift) “There are taxies in the lobby”

(smiling) “But this lift can go directly to the basement too right?”

“ooh yes, the parking lot for motorcylces is at the basement second floor”

(smiling again)

Those conversation happened when my boyfriend and me bought a television. Obviously the salesman thought that we were a young couple (although we are not that young) who use public transportation. Or even if we went there with personal transportation, it would be a motorcycle. In other words, he did not (or does not?) classify us as “worth” enough to use any private car. Well, he did not wrong totally as we used the car from the company. We did not feel bothered too as the salesman did not say those words with negative expression as all of us might see on how the saleswomen/men in the sort-of-exclusive stores do. Well, we experience this sort of behaviour several times so it would not be that surprising anymore. We even observe this.

Afterwards, we laughed and smiled. We even still laugh on that event whenever we remember. It is understandable why he said that way. We wore polo shirts, jeans and sandals. We spent around half an hour only to think which kind of television that we will buy, of course, with making  comparison on prices and benefits. It might be too long for him. As the televisions that we were compared are not the luxurious ones (not those with eight digits Rupiahs). The standard ones! He might think that, “Gosh, they think that long only to buy this one standard television“. Social expectations.

A friend said to me, that whenever she go to department stores with her friends, they always play a little game. “The perfume sample” The game is very simple, whoever be offered of a piece of paper contains sprayed fragrance means that she is the one who wear clothes “properly”. That she is the targeted consumer.


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During hard times, people always say “move forward” no matter on what kind of situation. Many other “formal” quotations will be said. Even for the people in the hard times themselves, they would look for those quotations too. Indeed, these are important to boosting back the courage and spirits to live.

Sometimes, sharing does matter too. To understand that others have problems –either bigger or smaller– is important. Not in the meaning that we hope that there are people with bigger problems to feel lucky. It is simply to know that all of us, no matter what, have different issues.

However, how if nothing works? That no quotations help, no sharing sessions can cure.


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ONE as a destiny

Do you realize that INDONESIA consists of ONE?

It seems that to be ONE is our destiny, it has been declared since this beloved country was born.
It does not mean that everything needs to be the same.
It does not mean that there should be only one race.
Neither do one religion or faith.
It does not mean that there should be only one of anything.

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At least, for the last few years, my mind keeps questioning a part of John Lennon’s lyric. “And no religion too. Imagine all the people living life in peace”. I wonder whether the world will be peaceful if religions had not been “invented”. That the goods and faiths will only be as they were, no one formed or organized them to be religions. I wonder whether spirituality and morality are just enough.

Indeed. I also argue that people are stubborn and always thirst for power. Humans will always think that they are cleverer than others, and thus, need to rule the world to be a better place [according to them]. That under the name or humanity, human rights and freedom, people shout loudly that they have the rights to do whatever they want to. Humans are naturally homo homini lupus. We will, always, think that we have rights, but get used to forget that we do have obligations too.

We obligate to obtain our rights without assaulting others’ rights.

I know that religions are not the scapegoats. That the ‘punishments’ should be laid to the people not the teachings or faiths. But that does not prevent me to think that religions, at certain point, have power to alienate others. That people in particular faith groups [religions] have authorities to isolate the outer-groups. These negative, pessimistic points keep growing in my mind. These teach me to sarcasm with lots of bitchy words, to those who were justified their stupidities or supremacy syndromes in the name of religions.

Therefore, I always look forward for events of interfaith dialogues. Not as a speaker or sources. I just need refreshments to bring my positivism back.

Then, in early of December 2009, there was the Parliament of World’s Religions in Melbourne, Australia. In short, it was held to not discriminate or classify people with their differences [especially in the name of religions], but to unify under the similarities. No suspiciousness toward other groups. No judgment or evaluations about which group is the best, the most truth, the brightest, or even the heir. No place for any form of hostility and aggression, not even in verbal.

Interestingly, people participated from across the world. Either as speakers, contributors, guests or even volunteers. I attended a free event, ‘the Melbourne – River City – Place of Gathering‘. There was not only speeches, but also art performances. I captured two memorable moments. First, there were a Swami Monk, Catholic Pastor and Buddhist Monk. They had been living in the same house for seven years. The ‘living together’ point itself was interesting. At the beginning, they were strangers. Until the day they stood on the stage, they were still ‘strangers’ in public’s opinion. Three ethnics, three cultures. Three religious leaders of three different religions. Three different beliefs, three ways to ‘reach’ GOD. Hence, they succeeded to live together for years.

Even to live with others with the same ethnic or culture is still hard. Parents teach their children in their ways, even sometimes the same parents might treat their own children differently. Then, what was the secret? The Pastor said something like this: “We have lived together for 7 years, but none of us, ever, provoke others to convert” that followed with three big smiles.

Dialogue, understand, tolerate and respect.

Then, there were four young adults represented four groups: Buddhist, Jewish, Moslem and Christian. They stood proudly on stage. Their speeches were amazingly beautiful. Especially the Moslem, whose speech was outstandingly smart and wise. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember her speech, and others in details. All that I can remember, that they agreed that differences can be found in their religions, yet those could not cover up the fact that they have fundamental similarities too. That their religions do not legalize any discrimination or harassment in any form to others.

In the end, the Jewish said something very crucial.

The more we know our religions, the more we should love others.


I wish this world has millions of youngsters with that attitude. I imagine that if there are more people have this belief, especially youngsters, peace would not only a dream. At least, every war would only be in the name of political interests. That religions would never be the ‘weapon’, to legitimate people’ thirst for power.


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The cartoon by Michael Leunig illustrates very well about how we, humans, have tendency to focus on financial well-being. We ask it many times through many ways. We pray to ask for more money. We protest to the government to do their obligations to guarantee our welfares. We teach our descendants about how to earn much money. We nurture things for money [e.g: fishes and plants]. Many authors proclaim that they know the rules to get more money within ‘short time’. Some illegal opportunists use this as their base to lie to others through their non-existed business. Well, none of those actions is wrong, except the last one. Before we start, please note that I am also being the part of that group, I did, am doing and will do, especially the part of being a demonstrant of particular system.

Let’s talk about it a little bit further.


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The new semester that has just begun urge me to read quite lot philosophical background of the specified subject. I still can’t enjoy it. I do like philosophical things. What I couldn’t enjoy is the chronological plot that has been used by the writers. They explain one thing then describe it a little and compared directly with other approaches. Yes, somehow this way is more practical but it makes me confused. They get used to jump here and there. And what make it harder, they use a lot of references for one thing, though I do understand that they do that in order to avoid plagiarism …

One of something that I learn is about the truth. Whether the truth is really true?!! This is an important issue, especially in the social sciences. And since daily life is full of social issues, this is also an important thing for life.

The truth, at certain points, consists of judgments. The judgment itself can be divided into two parts, what happens and what ought to. It means that the things that we see are sometimes not the way they are.

To make it simpler, everyday, we see a lot of things. Things did happen. We (ought to) experience a lot! Unfortunately, it seems that we don’t have enough time to do that. We are busy with those obligations. We wake up, take a bath and other personal things, eat three times a day (might be more or less), work, sleep. And so on. We keep on doing almost the same thing. Sometimes, I feel afraid that the future might be something like what some movies had showed. The last one, Wall-e.

We forget to see things closer. We think, the most important thing is to do ours. Keep on walking fast, sleep while on our ways, and eat with reading newspaper/magazine, and so on. We always think that we are busy people. Busy and busy… The life is becoming harder and harder. Find a lot of excuses to work overtime, to make houses to be like bed & breakfast motels.
Though time does fly!!!


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