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So this is Christmas

Another Christmas season is happening in this world. Snowmen, reindeer and sinterklaas are “coming” to the world. The decoration in the shopping centers  are  in red and green with joyful songs. Following the discount and sales, try to accommodate people  who celebrate Christmas on buying gifts. Well, the last one is also accommodating those who does not celebrate Christmas too on rejuvenating their cupboards. For me, this season never fails on boosting my mood. I can truly feel the joy. I can really feel the good tidings. I consider this as one of the most wonderful days I know, indeed, just like the song.

And what have you done? Another year over, a new one just begun

Be merry happily

Be merry happily

New year is the following. We have just passed the last working day of 2012. New year always be an interesting moment for met, at least. I can feel its joyousness and enthusiasm. Yet, I also get anxious on what would I be in the new year. Many statements on the 2013 resolution on social media websites and applications. Indeed, somehow, we start to think and consider what would be our goals in the new year. This kind of thought always lead me on a thrilling moment. The heart is pounding, full of excitement. Aiming high  realistically. At the same time, while we are thinking about the future, naturally we think back to the past too. This kind of thought has diverse emotions. We can feel relax, happy and even proud for what we have accomplished. We can feel disappointed for what we failed for, regret for what we could have done or for what we did. (more…)


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