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Kemanusian itu satu. Kendati berbeda bangsa, asal-susul dan ragamnya, berlainan bahasa dan adat istiadatnya, kemajuan, dan cara hidupnya, semuanya merupakan satu keluarga besar

Itu merupakan salah satu prinsip yang mungkin paling hakiki diantara berbagai prinsip lainnya. Mari kita coba lihat dari perspektif agama, salah satu prinsip hakiki lainnya terutama di bangsa timur. Sudah jelas, tidak ada hal yang dibenarkan oleh agama jika hal tersebut melanggar kemanusiaan. Demikian juga dengan spiritualitas.

Betul kan?!

Pendapat itu ditekankan berulang kali baik secara langsung maupun tidak dalam film SOEGIJA mengenai Mgr. Soegijapranata, SJ. Bahwa kemanusiaan adalah satu, terlepas dari berbagai jenis atribut lainnya seperti agama dan suku. Bahwa bangsa ini berdiri dengan dukungan dari segenap pihak, dari berbagai lapisan dan golongan.

Bhinneka tunggal ika?

Konsep yang luar biasa. Sering saya terkagum dengan intelektualitas dan visi dari para pendiri bangsa ini. Betapa luas pemahamanan para beliau tersebut. Padahal pada era tersebut, akses informasi sangat jauuuuuh lebih terbatas. Mungkin justru karena itu, informasi yang tersedia juga lebih sahih dan untuk mencari dan memahaminya membutuhkan komitmen yang lebih. Tidak seperti sekarang, ingin tahu mengenai sesuatu, tinggal online dan berselancar ke wikipedia.

Tetapi, beberapa tahun terakhir ini, saya jadi mempertanyakan makna semboyan tersebut. Entah siapa yang memicu pertanyaan ini. Apakah pemaknaan dari semboyan ini? Apakah semboyan ini mengatakan bahwa berbagai perbedaan yang ada, perlu disatukan? Jika demikian, mengapa tidak boleh berbeda? Apakah memang keseragaman yang diharapkan?



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[mathematics of love]

In the last two weeks, I watched PS. I Love You and 27 Dresses in the theaters with my friends. Both of them talk about love and relationship in general. Yupes, the very favorite topic but never bored the viewers.

Both are romantic-comedy films. 27 Dresses is funnier than P.S. I Love You. I laughed several times because of Heigl’s expressions. I found this film is entertaining. Especially when she gave the “Jeez” and “Sigh”. Meanwhile, I cried on PS. I Love You. Yupes, I admit it. Not a new thing for me, since I don’t know why the tears easily dropped when I watched specified movies. My logic reason would be I always put myself into the characters in films or even books. Another part of me says that it is because I have similar experiences or anxiousness.

Anyway, the story of PS. I Love You is not really special one, while 27 Dresses’s more unique. Though both of them have the Cinderella’s symptom, to live happily ever after with a prince charming.

One thing which I want to underline here. In both films, I learn that life is not a mathematical thing. It doesn’t have any exact formula or calculation. Life can be ended immediately, like Gerry in P.S. I Love You. Life can be ironic when you really know that you want to get married asap but all you’ve got is to be bridesmaid for 27 times like Jane in 27 Dresses. It can be desperate enough that our future isn’t as good as we imagined while we were younger. We may only have underpaid job and we don’t like it just like Holly (P.S. I Love You). Or our idol isn’t as great as we think, maybe he just a person who know how to perform well in the stage or mass media but don’t really believe in what they did, like Doyle (27 Dresses).

And both of them tell us that lifetime partners may appeared in the middle of nowhere. Just popped-up without any previous notice. Sometimes it even not the one who we think we are looking for…

One thing last for me, to questioned myself…
If the lifetime partner may occur all of sudden, why I still find a lot of questions about “What are your requirements of your ideal partner?”. Do we really have to put a list, divided into three sections. The must have, ideally and the big NO.
Shall we? rindu

For me, it sounds useless…

* Image was taken from Microsoft Clip Art
** Thanks to Angie and Maiden for the tutor how to put YM! Emoticon.

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Honestly, at the first moment, I don’t really want to see it. I guess that this is only about fashion thing; and since a lot of friends say that I should watch it (for the lesson of life and also for fashion), then I get curious. Here we go, I was wrong to judge by the cover 🙂

Instead of talking about how terrible Miranda Priestly is nor how great the act of Meryl Streep (She just great, absolutely, and hope you still remember the woman); I want to share what comes in my mind when I asked myself “What do I feel if I am Miranda Priestly.”

We can see there, there is a scene where Miranda should be professional and not mixed her career and family thing. When Miranda gets a divorce statement from her husband, she gives expression how terrible the situation is, and I guess it is the real Miranda as a woman without any “title” at all.

Yes, she chooses to continue her work instead of taking care of her family. Maybe a lot of us will think that she is the real cold-hearted-lady. But for me, somehow, she just does what she has to do. The conference is a crucial thing for her career, to save her own a*s. Where there are some people who want to see her go down with her look-down-head and depressed. But, she is not that stupid at all to not recognize what was going on in her company.

Yes, she is such a j**k because of her dictatorial way of leadership. So arrogant. Even she is really has a great instinct for fashion, but still…. the way she behaves is really…
I guess I don’t have to find the right words, all of you will have the idea by yourself 🙂
And it reminds me to be carefull when we are in the up position of “the wheel”

She wears her mask to look be okay, even her heart was broken. But it also because the job is her self-actualization, then if she put her emotion upon her business, then she will loose both. She can’t ask her husband to come back since he already made a decision, so the only thing that she can do is moving forward and holding unto what she can. It is better to hold one thing than to try to catch two things at the same moment, isn’t it?

And I do agree with what Andy (Andrea Sachs, starring by Anne Hathaway), when she argued with Nate. It sounds like this “You won’t be mind, if Miranda is a man.”
Yes, I totally agree with this. And now, few of you will think that I am a cynical feminist. HeHeHe….

It is a common thing to see man who gets workaholic with his job. Wake up early – go to the office – working so hard without any time to call or give any news to his family – take overtime – go home – sleep without updated what he has done or even see his child growing.
All of that will be forgiven with one statement “I did this for you (family).” And then, he will start to be mad, since he feels that has has an ungrateful family.

Oh come on 🙂

If that so, why society just give the legitimation for man and not for woman?
Don’t they think that the woman do the same thing for the same reason? For the family?

Why in the difficult situation of marriage, people often keep the punishment to the woman.
“Ah that terrible wife, she only thinks about her career.”
“Look at her, she can look great but see how her children are starving for love.”
“She just care with her Aigner, she even doesn’t cook for the meal for her own children.”

The same situation, but for different person in gender….
“Ah, it is so bad. He works so hard for his family.”
“Look at him, he feel tired to maintain the wealthiest of his family.”
“Poor him.. He work hard ’till the last drop, but then his wife just over-reacted and asked more attention.”

So? Is this the same context or not?
For me, this is one of gender thing. About the power to control the others 🙂

* The picture was taken from here.
** Finally I can post this blog. HueHeHe…

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“Why we need Superman?”
This sentence was wrote by Lois Lane in the “Superman Returns“.

Well, I am not Lois Lane, but what Lois faced when she wants to write it down give me a challenge to write it.

Let’s start it. I do agree that people will always have a desire to be powerful and fearless. There is a hidden need to have power and become someone important in this world, directly or not. For some people, it is not a hidden concern anymore, we can see how thirsty Hitler was for power.

And since it is never be an easy thing to be powerful, then we need an idol. We need someone to look-up for, someone we can lean on. Psychologically, it helps us to build our own self, our self-identity. Even if we can’t be the doer, at least we can be the observer. We always know whom we can trust for, whom we can ask for help.

And most of all, for me, why people need Superman (instead of he is “only” a comical figure), is because we need HOPE. A hope for a better world so we can have a better life. A hope for a better tomorrow. A hope which we hope to be real.

*picture was taken from http://www.marcopolis.org/fotos/blog/2004/01/happy-new-year.html

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A few days ago, I watched Oprah Show with Uma Thurman as her guest. And one section of it is Uma Thurman interviewed Meryl Streep as one of the legend alive.
They talked a lot about woman’s life.

One thing that I keep in my mind is when Uma Thurman interviewed Meryl Streep. Uma asked the common question which most of women in this world face with. The common dilemma situation for every woman.

Uma asked such a question like this “You have four children, how about it?”.
And there Meryl with her wisdom answer…
“I am a lucky woman”.

Meryl talked about Katharine Hepburn, the legend and a very famous actrees while she was a girl (Katharine Hepburn still a famous and succesful actrees for us now).
Katharine said that we have to choose between “being famous” or “family”. She said that we can’t have them both.

Meryl said, but then, when she got pregnant for the first time, she thought what should she did. Should she really choose it? She is not Katharine Hepburn, she is Meryl Streep.
I am is I am.
And then, she go with it. Have them both. And we can see it, can’t we?

And then Uma said to Oprah…
“Why people see a career woman as a sin? We just do what we have to do”.

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[love is…]

I just watched X-Men III: The last stand.

I learnt that love is acceptance. We can’t feel the love if we don’t feel the way they accept us. Of course we need to do the improvement, but it doesn’t mean that we do that just because we want to be the good girl/boy. We do that, because we realize that it for our own good.

The next step of acceptance is not how we feel about people say about us, but how we see our ourselves. How we accept ourselves, from the good side ’till the terrible one. For me, this is a very simple thing, but it needs a great effort to be realized.

I learnt that love is sacrifice. Sometimes we need to forget our pride to loved someone. To be not egoistic, to be more tolerant and so on. It teachs us how to be humble.

And in other kinds of situation… Sometimes we should see the person who we love do the wrong things. Of course we should remind that people about it, but could we stand for it? To against the one we love? With a risk, that the person we love will hate us, because they feel that we are not be with them, do not side by side with them. Can we stand for that?

And I learnt that love can be the most powerful healer and also a destroyer. Mystique told the police everything she knows about Magneto after Magneto leaves her even she saved him before. It teaches us to be humble enough, to see other people as high as we see ourselves. To respect. To not underestimate people. We will never know what they will do for our lives, directly or not. Because maybe, the life path will get connected again each others, in a different situation and condition.

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[da vinci code]

Let’s talk about the controversial movie based on controversial book “Da Vinci Code”…

I thought that this book and movie reached its best seller position because of the controversial its made. And yet, I still believing in this. But, it also because of humans are getting tired with their daily lifes. They need something to believe. They need support. They really feel tired with world, maybe because of they feel dissatisfied, they just too idealist or even they are too rationalist… 🙂

I thought that this book and movie can be a trigger to dividing human beings. Well, somehow it depends on the person. How to see it…

I thought that this book and movie can be a reason to convert to others, and others will have a bad judgment for specific religion or faith. And then… I realize… It really can be happened, if… and only if… people believe it without using their own brain and intellectual skill.

I do agree with this Robert Langdon’s words:
“The most important thing is what you believe”

I really agree with that.
Just believe and do it right. Especially for religion, faith and so on.
But of course, use what GOD has given to you (brain, ratio, mind, heart and so on).
In the other hand, to be very rational person is not a very good idea.
Why? Because not all the things are explainable…
We can be very exhausted when we try to find out everything….
I dont know, but sometimes… There is something which doesn’t need to be explained.

And never push anyone else to believe in something you believe in.
Just let everyone find their own way…

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