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So this is Christmas

Another Christmas season is happening in this world. Snowmen, reindeer and sinterklaas are “coming” to the world. The decoration in the shopping centers  are  in red and green with joyful songs. Following the discount and sales, try to accommodate people  who celebrate Christmas on buying gifts. Well, the last one is also accommodating those who does not celebrate Christmas too on rejuvenating their cupboards. For me, this season never fails on boosting my mood. I can truly feel the joy. I can really feel the good tidings. I consider this as one of the most wonderful days I know, indeed, just like the song.

And what have you done? Another year over, a new one just begun

Be merry happily

Be merry happily

New year is the following. We have just passed the last working day of 2012. New year always be an interesting moment for met, at least. I can feel its joyousness and enthusiasm. Yet, I also get anxious on what would I be in the new year. Many statements on the 2013 resolution on social media websites and applications. Indeed, somehow, we start to think and consider what would be our goals in the new year. This kind of thought always lead me on a thrilling moment. The heart is pounding, full of excitement. Aiming high  realistically. At the same time, while we are thinking about the future, naturally we think back to the past too. This kind of thought has diverse emotions. We can feel relax, happy and even proud for what we have accomplished. We can feel disappointed for what we failed for, regret for what we could have done or for what we did. (more…)


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Born to amuse, to inspire, to delight. Here one day. Gone one night [from the song: Gone too soon].

I am not a big fan of him, but I am also not the big hater. I read and heard a lot of news about him, but could not say much about him. I even couldn’t really believe all the accusations that ever made toward him but I also could not say that the entertainment journalists were only focused on capital funds. I could not say anything…

As the child of 80s’, I grow up with his songs. His status as a megastar has been defined during my childhood, when I even didn’t understand that term. I was a nerd as I did not have good access on music. However, I have the Dangerous album and admire the “Heal the World” song. I heard that frequently until the cassette was broken. Years, I tried to find the album but could not find it. It was also because of my uncommitted intention.

And this morning.. The very first thing that I watched was the affirmation about his death. The death of Michael Jackson. For others, today is the King of Pop has died. For me, one of some figures of my life has died. As I mentioned before, I grow up with his songs.

Even when I was a little child, I can understand the spirit of “heal the world”*.

Think about the generation. Says we want to make a better place for children and the children’s children. And so that, they know that there is a better world for them. And think they can make it a better place. [A child in the song of Heal the World by Michael Jackson in the album of Dangerous].


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[share the happiness]

The last Season Greetings, I spent my holiday with my family without any place to go.
No special gathering with the big family, only my nuclear family. And I be thankful for that ^^

And for the New Year’s Eve, I went to Oh La La Cafe.
And yes… I’ve got nice moment there.

I see how people interact each others. No matter who they are. We just enjoy the moment, the food and the music. Yupes, maybe it was a kind of hedonism way of life. But it wasn’t that bad for me. Come on, it was New Year’s Eve. After the 364 days, why not we spent one day full of happiness and forget all the problems for a moment 🙂

I saw couples trying to have a nice and romantic moment, friends who want to say thank each other for this year, partners of unwanted community who just want to be accepted. Owner, servants, employees and employers gather in one ocassion. And it is nice right?
To let go every labels which we have? Just the big ME.

Yeah, I can’t say that all of us have that great of understanding for each others. Maybe it just an euforia thing, but they still keep their judgements and discrimination. But it still nice. Even only one day.

I saw people from unwanted community just do not care for what people may say and think. And for me, they just the same with us, just an ordinary person but “unfortunately” be marked as wicked. They just want to be accepted the way they are, just like the “ordinary”. They just want to express who they really are, even have a different orientation. Those are what all of us want to have, aren’t we?

I was not stay untill the last song. Me and my friends went by with two boxs full of pastries. So we decided to give it away to those who need it. We searched for homeless people or underpaid employees (the real ones, not those who feel underpaid but still can afford their expenses, since people are hard to be satisfied).

And trust me… It was great to see their smiles!
Some of them keep on wondering who the hell we are, even after we went away.
But it was nice…

If we feel great with the pastries which we’ve got, how about if we give intended food to be given? An intention to share the happiness, nothing else.

* Pew… Finally I can update this… Sorry for the delay 🙂

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Yesterday, I read about Secret Santa.
I thought that this is just a legend, or something that I can find in the comic or novel and so on.
I did not know that there is the real Secret Santa in this world, and even there is an organization for it.

I get amazed when I read about what Larry Stewart did!
And I do agree with what he said, “That’s what we’re here for, to help other people out.”

Well, maybe we will say that he can did it because he has a lot of money. That He already get what he wants.
In one point, I do agree. If we feel hungry and can’t find anything to eat, then logically, we won’t give the first bread we’ve got to others.

But then, there will always be outstanding extraordinary people!
They give what they can give, not what they may give.
No matter how hard to do it.


Just like what Stewart said,
that when we do something to others, it likes buy a present for ourselves.

If we think it that way,
then the pay it forward won’t take so long time to be return to us.
But it just return to us directly.

To make we feel happier,
satisfy with ourselves (at least we are not as egoist as we think),
give rewards for us.

But, get ready…
Some people will think it in the other side.
That we do that only because we have specified intention behind.

It is a normal thing, because this world just getting crazier.
It becomes harder and harder to trust, to believe, and be faithfully.

But then,
Since, we never can control others,
what people may say and think…
Then, why we should care so much about it?
And I think there is nothing wrong to try it…

To do what we can
and revealing the the beauty of giving.

I hope so…

*Picture was taken from here.

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