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So this is Christmas

Another Christmas season is happening in this world. Snowmen, reindeer and sinterklaas are “coming” to the world. The decoration in the shopping centers  are  in red and green with joyful songs. Following the discount and sales, try to accommodate people  who celebrate Christmas on buying gifts. Well, the last one is also accommodating those who does not celebrate Christmas too on rejuvenating their cupboards. For me, this season never fails on boosting my mood. I can truly feel the joy. I can really feel the good tidings. I consider this as one of the most wonderful days I know, indeed, just like the song.

And what have you done? Another year over, a new one just begun

Be merry happily

Be merry happily

New year is the following. We have just passed the last working day of 2012. New year always be an interesting moment for met, at least. I can feel its joyousness and enthusiasm. Yet, I also get anxious on what would I be in the new year. Many statements on the 2013 resolution on social media websites and applications. Indeed, somehow, we start to think and consider what would be our goals in the new year. This kind of thought always lead me on a thrilling moment. The heart is pounding, full of excitement. Aiming high  realistically. At the same time, while we are thinking about the future, naturally we think back to the past too. This kind of thought has diverse emotions. We can feel relax, happy and even proud for what we have accomplished. We can feel disappointed for what we failed for, regret for what we could have done or for what we did. (more…)


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Dear All,

Merry Christmas for those who are celebrating it and Happy New Year 2009 for everyone \(^.^)/

May peace be with us all and may we be blessed through every dreams that we ever dreamed…

Have a nice holidaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaay!!!


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[thanks a lot]

Nothing to say except:

Thank you GOD…

My life ain’t perfect, in fact it is hard. But, day by day I learn that my life is full of great things. Really!

Hmph, really… I don’t have any intention to be too religious since I am not. But, really… I don’t have any words.

Happy Easter to those who celebrated it. May peace be with us 🙂

*Image was taken from Microsoft’s Clip Art.

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What we think it is good, not always good for others.
What we think it is great, not always be perceived that way.

Communicate, discuss and make a compromise.
Guess it is the most proper option!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!
Love and beloved.

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(Eid Adha, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2008).
Hope for a better life for each of us!!!

After months, finally I know what to write in this blog. I just finished my work in Nias and already in my home… Home sweet home! No matter how big and luxurious any hotel is, my own room is always be the best.

Anyway, I learnt that it always hard to maintain any relationship. I assume myself as a person who has proper skill on maintain the relationship in any form. I always try to keep in touch with my friends. At least, on the big events and holidays which may be an open gate to the old relationship. And it works! People who accidentally lost the data in their mobile, usually get back the data when their friends sent the greetings.

There are times when I really get curious about what happened to my friends, what they were doing and so on. Based on my experience, I shall not delay it especially to those who really have close relationship with me. I don’t want to call it as a sixth-sense, too superstitious. Maybe it is more like a connection like what scientists try to explain between twins. Thus, sometimes I just sent the SMS to my old friends in “ordinary days”. Or called them, even not often due to the limited budget. HeHeHe…

To be honest, sometimes I feel disappointed when I didn’t receive any reply. Yupes, I know, we shall not expect anything when we are doing something for others. I understand that in holidays, the servers are busier than ever and caused a lot of failed SMS. I also understand that nowadays relaxation is a precious thing. And I admit that if to not reply SMS or phone is a sin, I must be one of the sinner.

For the last few months, I worked outside the city where I live and grow-up. And the cities are not nearby which can be reach by car or bus easily. The cities even lay on different island! Adjustment appears to be one of my problem. I really have to fight to adjust in new circumstances. I wasn’t only adjust in the new places, but also keep updating my stories to others in hometown.

Long distance relationship (LDR) costs a lot of money! I almost sure that none of you will doubt it. If there is any of you have idea how to have low-cost-LDR, please let me know. Internet helps a lot. But still, internet accessibility is not cover all areas and we still have to pay certain amount of money.

On the other hand, even though we have money to covers the cost, there still another problem. TIME. Yupes, time management. We have our duties, and people so the others. To find the right time is not easy. It is getting harder when the places have different time zone. Jeezz…

Why I write this topic? Do I feel afraid? Yes, I really feel afraid.
Due to my chosen type of work, I may have high frequency on traveling. Actually, traveling is one reason behind, but somehow it evokes problems. (Why it seems so hard to be an adult??). I also have plan to continue my academic degree outside my country (really hope for it). And it means years, not months! Afterwards, I also open the possibility to work overseas, including Africa. *faint*

I am sure that if this topic occurs, the word of choice, preferences and priority will come in any time. It is clear why. But what is not clear for me, how to decide? And do we really can’t to have them all? I mean to fulfill, I borrowed the psychological term, the need of achievement (N-Ach) and need of affiliation (N-Affil) together side by side? Do we really have to be “black or white”?

In psychology, the answer will be in gray area. I am very familiar with it.
Theoretically, I know that the answer depends on my own self. None may give the rightest answer for me.

Fortunately, this is blog… No right or wrong answer here. This is an open discussion!
I really look forward for further opinion from other bloggers based on their own experiences…

Last but not least, I hope I can maintain my spirit and ideas to keep update this blog.

*picture was taken from here.

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[Happy Chinese New Year 2007]

Happy Chinese New Year.
And since it is a culture, not depends on any religions, please feel free to enjoy the happiness…
Hope for a better year.
A better health, wealth and may peace come along in every part of our lives.
Hope for a better world.


Personally, I am glad that to do the celebration is not like “a sin” anymore here.
Because of political business, it was prohibited.
Ah come on, do we ever choose our ethnics or races?
How come you prohibited any ethnic or race, since all of us are equal?

Now, I hope that it is not because of political things again…
I hope that the permission is really comes from the heart…
The understanding about how beautiful the color of the world is.

*the picture was taken from here.

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[love in the world]

Today is the Valentine’s day…
I just hope that the love is in the air…

Unfortunately, I do not really feel it…
I do not feel the love filled people’s hearts.
And I do not see the love in the eyes of people…

Are we too busy for all the stuffs that we have to do?
Are we too arrogant to see that love is not enough, and money is the thing which can fulfilled the emptiness?
Are we just do not really care about others anymore…

Hope not…
Because I do not want to have an “empty” and boring life…

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.
May the love is in the air, so we can feel the love in every breath we take…
So life would be happier and loveable…

*The picture was taken from here.

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