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On last days of 2010, I have an interesting experience in Indonesia. Many Indonesians shout out loud on their social network accounts, “Garuda di dadaku – Garuda in my heart”. A symbol of the proudness amongst Indonesians. Where the euforia comes from? Nah, it is not for the Independence Day. Nor the National Awakening Day. Nor the Youth Pledge Day. Not even the Pancasila Sanctity Day. Sooo??!!

It is because of Indonesia’s National Soccer Team!

The euforia of being the winner candidate, was very huge. All of sudden, the National Jersey is being the most wanted thing. Many, many, many people wear that jersey. Quite “odd” as usually people wear other countries’ jerseys who have won world cups. Pathetically, the players become public figures in infotaiment mass media!!!

I always raise my eyebrow whenever sportmen and sportwomen put too much time on infotaiment things.True, that media is important to raise awareness, so that many people aware what have been achieved. Yet, it would not help to achieve the real goals! Well, unless the goal is to be popular!???!

The result?

We lost on the first match of the final. Regardless, the rotten tricks that the opponent’s supporters did, the team did not play with their best capabilities! I against those rotten tricks as I always consider things like that belong to those with lack of capabilities! Yet, I also unfavour with the idea to revenge. Simply because it would mean that we are just like them!

Anyway, the team suceeded to revenge on the second match. We won the match, yet not be the winner. The good thing is that the team did not give up easily! And also due to sportmanship of the supporters who did not take revenge.

Yet, the greatest thing is that, this time, almost all Indonesians go into one voice!  (more…)


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