(while dragging the television box into the security check and lift) “There are taxies in the lobby”

(smiling) “But this lift can go directly to the basement too right?”

“ooh yes, the parking lot for motorcylces is at the basement second floor”

(smiling again)

Those conversation happened when my boyfriend and me bought a television. Obviously the salesman thought that we were a young couple (although we are not that young) who use public transportation. Or even if we went there with personal transportation, it would be a motorcycle. In other words, he did not (or does not?) classify us as “worth” enough to use any private car. Well, he did not wrong totally as we used the car from the company. We did not feel bothered too as the salesman did not say those words with negative expression as all of us might see on how the saleswomen/men in the sort-of-exclusive stores do. Well, we experience this sort of behaviour several times so it would not be that surprising anymore. We even observe this.

Afterwards, we laughed and smiled. We even still laugh on that event whenever we remember. It is understandable why he said that way. We wore polo shirts, jeans and sandals. We spent around half an hour only to think which kind of television that we will buy, of course, with making  comparison on prices and benefits. It might be too long for him. As the televisions that we were compared are not the luxurious ones (not those with eight digits Rupiahs). The standard ones! He might think that, “Gosh, they think that long only to buy this one standard television“. Social expectations.

A friend said to me, that whenever she go to department stores with her friends, they always play a little game. “The perfume sample” The game is very simple, whoever be offered of a piece of paper contains sprayed fragrance means that she is the one who wear clothes “properly”. That she is the targeted consumer.

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Lately, religiosity is being an important issue in daily life. Many things happen in the name of religions.

In my case, yes, I have a faith that I hold dearly. Yet, I could not say that I can not share few things that I do not like in the religion. Yes, I divide those into two different things. Most of the time, religion is the organization(s) which have responsibilities to ensure the faith keep going on track. That the followers would behave as expected. Sometimes, unfortunately, the organizations talk about marketing ideas too!

Many violences in the name of religion happen in the world. Many claim what they have done in the name of the Almighty. Many believe that they did the right things, no matter how many people suffer due to their acts. That what they did might cause negative images instead of positive as expected.

Humans' ideas: Division and subtraction (Frank & Ernest - April 07th, 2000)

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On last days of 2010, I have an interesting experience in Indonesia. Many Indonesians shout out loud on their social network accounts, “Garuda di dadaku – Garuda in my heart”. A symbol of the proudness amongst Indonesians. Where the euforia comes from? Nah, it is not for the Independence Day. Nor the National Awakening Day. Nor the Youth Pledge Day. Not even the Pancasila Sanctity Day. Sooo??!!

It is because of Indonesia’s National Soccer Team!

The euforia of being the winner candidate, was very huge. All of sudden, the National Jersey is being the most wanted thing. Many, many, many people wear that jersey. Quite “odd” as usually people wear other countries’ jerseys who have won world cups. Pathetically, the players become public figures in infotaiment mass media!!!

I always raise my eyebrow whenever sportmen and sportwomen put too much time on infotaiment things.True, that media is important to raise awareness, so that many people aware what have been achieved. Yet, it would not help to achieve the real goals! Well, unless the goal is to be popular!???!

The result?

We lost on the first match of the final. Regardless, the rotten tricks that the opponent’s supporters did, the team did not play with their best capabilities! I against those rotten tricks as I always consider things like that belong to those with lack of capabilities! Yet, I also unfavour with the idea to revenge. Simply because it would mean that we are just like them!

Anyway, the team suceeded to revenge on the second match. We won the match, yet not be the winner. The good thing is that the team did not give up easily! And also due to sportmanship of the supporters who did not take revenge.

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Today is the Indonesian Mothers’ Day. As always, many people in networking sites have proudly updated this as their statuses. It creates the hype of reminder and spirit of its importance. Indeed it is important. Being a mother means you have a profession without time to rest, a lifetime commitment. Unfortunately, regardless its huge responsibilities, there is no such training or certificate on how to be a good mother!

As many people say, “You are ready when you are (being mothers)”


Mother: Untiring hard-work and perseverance profession (Frank & Ernest - April 27, 1996)

Around a year ago, I have started to realize the reasons behind this Mothers’ Day. My prior university has published a book on it, titled as “The First Indonesian Women’s Congress of 1928“. It is the manuscripts of the conference in old version of Bahasa and English, which apparently I could not find in my home country.

Yes, that congress is the reason behind!

That back to 1928 -82 yeas ago- there was the congress by and for Indonesian Women. By Indonesian Women I am not talking only Javanesse Women. Can you imagine how great it was? Back to 1928, when the women empowerment has not being as famous as now. Indonesia even has not declared their independence from the colonialization. When traditional values and beliefs were strongly impact daily lives, as information were very limited.

Great, isn’t it?!!

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None of us loved to be ignored. None of us would not want to be taken care of. As a being who has been blessed with feelings, we will always looking for comfort and safetiness. We will always seek for love.
We will always seek for affection. I believe this is the foundation in every kind of relationship. So basic.

Whenever we feel be loved, no matter how hard life could be, we will get the courage and strength. No matter how difficult the situation is, love remains. Indeed, the power of love might sounds so patethic. Yet, it so true.
That love can be the reason to live and to die. Love can be the source of laughter, but also the tears.
Double-edged sword.

So, what would happen if we have not feel that we are beloved while we are facing huge problems? What would we feel, think and do? Would we still have the strength to live? The spirit to keep on struggling and fighting? Would we still be sane?

Well, I might not.

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[moving forward]

During hard times, people always say “move forward” no matter on what kind of situation. Many other “formal” quotations will be said. Even for the people in the hard times themselves, they would look for those quotations too. Indeed, these are important to boosting back the courage and spirits to live.

Sometimes, sharing does matter too. To understand that others have problems –either bigger or smaller– is important. Not in the meaning that we hope that there are people with bigger problems to feel lucky. It is simply to know that all of us, no matter what, have different issues.

However, how if nothing works? That no quotations help, no sharing sessions can cure.

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[to be one]

ONE as a destiny

Do you realize that INDONESIA consists of ONE?

It seems that to be ONE is our destiny, it has been declared since this beloved country was born.
It does not mean that everything needs to be the same.
It does not mean that there should be only one race.
Neither do one religion or faith.
It does not mean that there should be only one of anything.