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Thing that I love with my profession is to have a chance to ‘see’ things differently. Not only in the meaning of location so that I could travel and get paid. Moreover, to know (and try to understand) other ways of thinking and ways of life including the communities. At the end, these help us appreciate our lives more.

Last month, I have got a chance to travel to a district that is nearby the Indonesian Capital City. Yet, the situation is not that close to. I have heard heartbreaking stories. Since then, I have decided to share the gloomiest one here. So here it goes.

A middle-aged-mother shared that on schooling days, her cheerful-and-diligent-daughter woke up every morning, took a bath, prepared for all sort of things to go to school. She wore her shirts (might not really hers). Prepared for the books and bags (I assume these belong to her siblings too). Afterwards, she went to the place where children of her age go to. Yes, the school.

Then, when the bell rang, all of the children went inside. The teachers got in and started the class. As it is a school for young-aged-children, then students would not study quietly. Lots of fun activities. Playing and singing. Jumping and dancing. So did these children.

Unless, one child. The one whom I met.


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[visit Indonesia]

2008 is a year which my country dedicate for tourism. I personally, really support this program. It is not only because of a kind of chauvinism, but Indonesia do has a lot of natural beauty!

To be honest, I feel agitate whenever I saw beautiful sites but there is no proper support from the local government to maintain and bring it out as tourism sites. I envy how great the tourism promo from other countries. I love the tag-line of “Incredible India”, it sounds exotic for me. However, what kind of citizen who ashamed with their own countries? 😉
Indonesia, the ultimate in diversity.

What do I like with traveling? Though, I am not dare to say that I am a travelers due to a lot of sites I haven’t go. As usual, time and money do matter. HeHeHe… But, I do like to travel. First, to feel and enjoy the beauty, to know the story behind. There are places which have theirs legends. To relax and enjoying the free time will always be a leisure. Not everyone has chance to do that, though they have a lot of money. Spiritually, we can smile with the big grin, how great the Creator is. Last but not least, due to its physical appearances, there would be a normative authorization to take pictures, the view and the tourists (read: me). HaHaHa… What kind of tourists who don’t take pictures? (self-justification).

To go to new places, we may have better understanding about people. Eliminate the stereotypes. So far, I really feel how bad stereotypes may caused! Jeez… I can understand better that why there were war within nations, or even in the same island or area. Stereotypes lead to the prejudices. I have quite lot experiences on this. Really a lot! Anyway, I won’t talk about this right now, so let’s back to the main topic.

Due to the targeted places, I’ve got a book from my friend in Germany. It is “1,000 places to see before you die“. And of course, it included sites in Indonesia, which are as follow:
1. Bali with all aspects since there are more than one described in the book (no doubt about it. Some people from other countries thought that Bali is not related with Indonesia).
2. Papua which be described as the lost world.
3. Borobudur in Central Java as the world’s largest Buddhist monument.
4. Yogyakarta with its Keraton (palaces).
5. Lombok, near Bali, famous for its snorkeling activities.
6. Amanwana, nature camp. To be honest, I never heard about this before. What a shame! And I can’t find information about it except the hotels.
7. Toraja for its cultural traditions.

That’s all. But, as usual, it is a book for top 1,000 places all around the world. Thus, a lot of places which haven’t been stated. For example, Nias Island which has great view and its famous Sorake – Lagundri Beach (surfers usually know it). Or Bangka Island with its white sand. Manado with Bunaken National Marine Park. And so on.

To be honest, I feel shame on myself. There are people from overseas who already explored my own country. A lot of books for Indonesia heritage which unfortunately didn’t write by Indonesian! Well, I really don’t mind. In fact, they help me. I just hope that someday there are Indonesian anthropologists or photographers or anything which have willingness and chances to do that…

Last but not least, I really want to go to Raja Ampat (Four Kings). I really have to!!! Someday and somehow. The richest marine biodiversity in the world.
Please see it by yourself in its web, National Geographic or Nature Conservancy.

*video was taken from youtube.
**picture was personal collection, located in Tapaktuan, South Aceh.

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Tomorrow, I will going to Nias Island.
Yupes, it is my new place with the same organization as before.

It reminds me on an ocassion which happened around two months ago.
I invited my friends from other organizations which I known from a community in Meulaboh, to join my (almost) last day there.

There, I met a woman (let’s named her X), who actually I never met before. She is a friend from my friend. It doesn’t matter. Even I am not always agree on “the bigger, the better”. Then I said that there is a plan that I will continue my work to other city, which is in Nias. And of course, I am trying to gather informations which may help me to have better picture.

Coincidentally, X had been there before. I asked the condition there, and to be honest, the answer was quite shocking me.
She said that the people are unmannered, more rude than in Aceh. I asked, what kind of unmannered and rude, since I believe that culture always play its role.
And here we go…
She said something like this: “I don’t know how. But it easy to be understood. They started to knew the religion just for not a long time ago.”

I answered “Hmph… What’s wrong with that? Sometimes, religion can also leads into violence.”

The conversation stoped. I didn’t push her further more, since I see her as a person who don’t like to have discussion. And I just met her and she didn’t give any response.

I don’t know whether my idea is right or not. Please tell me then.
Currently, I see it that way. I honor the religion, I do believe that there is God up there (or wherever). There are things which we don’t understand and even scientists still don’t find the answers.

But, I also see that human used to put religion to justified what they did. I did this, because God told us to defence our beliefs, there are no other truth outside ME. We did this because we have to dismissed those who don’t follow what we believe. And so on.

I thought all religions teach the same thing, love. To do what we want others do to us. To spread the love. With love, we can keep on smiling. With love, we can stand-up again after we fell.

Please keep hoping for me to my new job in a new place.
Quite terrifying because a few hours ago, there were 7.9 and 6.6 (on Richter scale) earthquake around there.

*image was taken from Microsoft’s Clip Art.

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