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The cartoon by Michael Leunig illustrates very well about how we, humans, have tendency to focus on financial well-being. We ask it many times through many ways. We pray to ask for more money. We protest to the government to do their obligations to guarantee our welfares. We teach our descendants about how to earn much money. We nurture things for money [e.g: fishes and plants]. Many authors proclaim that they know the rules to get more money within ‘short time’. Some illegal opportunists use this as their base to lie to others through their non-existed business. Well, none of those actions is wrong, except the last one. Before we start, please note that I am also being the part of that group, I did, am doing and will do, especially the part of being a demonstrant of particular system.

Let’s talk about it a little bit further.



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Don’t burn my wings…
Release them back to me…

I never gave them to you,
or even lent them to you.
You stole them from me,
with the magic of your power.

You just tear them…
one by one…

Do I have to be cruel?
And steal them back?

Don’t be jealous with me…
You gave your wings,
with high consciousness.

Then, why should I accompany you?
Why should you took mine?
Why you get angry when see other’s wings?

Seems like you have wings phobia.
Do you feel afraid to be alone?


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About three months before, I don’t have time to post what I want to.
But now, I do have times, but I don’t have any idea what should I say.
I opened the site. clicked the new one to post… And I get confused, what should I type.

Then now, I decided to talk about my current job.

I do enjoy this kind of job. I really do.
I’ve got quite big responsibilities which also mean I also get the trust!
I got it also from my previous one. But then, there was an accident where I found out that my supervisor did the pre-deadline. I don’t know for sure is it the right term or not.

He said that the deadline of the report presentation will be done on Monday, and he said it on Friday noon. The problem is, the project needs to be prolonged because of the field problems which related to the data from the client. This kind of condition, does need to be tolerate and client already knows about it.

Then, me and my data processing friend worked on weekend from the morning ’till the night. And we did it. We finished the report on Sunday afternoon and I sent it to my supervisor who only sms me once to asked to sent SMS to him after I sent the report by email.

After I sent the report and SMS, me and my friend went home, of course after the dinner. And, in the Monday morning, when the supervisor came, he only said “Pew, I stayed overnight and then the client told me this morning that the meeting had been canceled and postponed on Thursday.”. Yes, I do believe it and only said that it is a good thing so we can “furnish” the report to be more interesting with processed the data into various things. And he said OK.

Then, I heard no request at all. I asked my data processing friend, and he said the same thing. No request at all. So, it means that the report is fine.

But then?
At the Wednesday, he came and asked us to finalize the report.
For me, it means that the supervisor didn’t really check the report.
And I doubt that the client really say Monday as the meeting time because if it really on Monday, then it should be finished, right?
If it didn’t, then why he did not say something?

To be honest, this is the main reason why I felt tired.
Well, I know, I didn’t work only to please my boss. But I feel that I didn’t get the trust. I never failed on the fulfilment of deadlines because of my mistakes. I didn’t mind to stay overnight and spent more times to finish my jobs. I do believe that the supervisor know about it. Why? Because I used to work with him, and I know what did he say to others about me.

And I do feel disappointed. HEHEHEHE…
After all, the trust is a must for me.

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[weak point]

Let’s start to pray…
I have to do on what I am not good at.

I always get nervous when I have to stand…
to give presentation…
to speak up my mind…
to arguing my opinion..
in front of the people who I don’t know.

And in fact,
I have to do that in front of the people who know the situation better than me,
since they are local people.

Yes, I don’t have any choice.
I can’t run away from this.

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[a new chapter]

I’ll start a new chapter in my life.
I’ll go to Aceh, to work with an international non-profit organization.
For now, it is only for 2 months but somehow I hope that I can go with this organization furthermore.

Yah, I do not know what it gonna be…
But I just can live it, ‘rite?

Yes, I feel afraid that can I go forward with this organization with its big name.
Hope that I can do it well, so I can reach my dream…
And do not make anyone feel dissapointed with me.

So, if I can’t find any connection to write in this blog for the next two months…
See you soon then.
And of course, don’t miss me too much… HeHeHe…

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I am confusing about me.

I was wanted to be free, to dig a small hole as a space for my hope.
Thought to be free, to spread my wings…

Now, I have a chance…
A very big opportunity to actualize myself, to get what I always want to have.

I bet, you will say that I should be happy, won’t you?
Yes, I am happy with that. Of course, what should I not be happy for that?

Unfortunately, I am not as confident as I thought.
Not brave enough also…
I asked myself for so many times about this.

I know that being in a comfort zone is dangerous for ourselves.
But, it still a nice thing to have…

Yes, I am afraid what things may come.
Yupes, I am not sure (cliche, right?), I doing the right thing or I am not.

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[wishy washy]

Don’t tell anybody about this…
This is almost a top secret!
Really! I am serious about this…”

“O.. Okay.
Trust me.
I won’t tell anyone about this…”

Wishy Washy…
Wishy Washy…
(and there are the wisphered words fly away between them).

But then, do you ever see or even have experience with it?
That the seal was broken?
By the person her/himself or even by the person who got the news.

Do the words “secret” or “trust” still have power?
Do the sentence just a sentence which need to be announce but without any meaning at all?
Or the sentence “don’t tell anyone” is just like a welcoming mat at the door?
Which we can use to clean up ourselves from the dirt?


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